My love of photography started when I was a kid at my dad's studio watching the first image I was allowed to print appear in a sloppy tray of chemicals in a darkroom that smelled like lemons. That feeling has transformed itself over these days to when the images and portraits I've taken load up on my computer. The feeling hasn't changed and it smells a lot better. 

I recently discovered a love for glamour portraiture and model photography, natural light and and working with live energetic people which is a far cry from my days as a studio product photographer. I always tell people I cut my "eye teeth"  on Tide Boxes! 

A few years ago I became obsessed with Vanity Fair style portraiture and its been a fantastic beautiful way to incorporate the look for models, everyday women AND men. This site is to show you how it works and letting you know that I can help make you look and feel awesome while capturing wonderful images of you.

"I love images with soul... images that not only highlight a distinct personality but maybe a smoldering look.  It’s the connection- the sparkle in the eyes that drives my work... that's when the magic happens. I get goose bumps! I am dedicated to your photograph and your photo session"

It honestly makes me so happy and grateful to be able to work with such amazing beautiful people day in day out.  I can't wait to work with you next!

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